Germ Simulator Codes 2020 (May 2020)

In this post, I will show you about Roblox Germ Simulator Codes 2020. Germ Simulator Codes can give Coins. When other players try to produce coins during a match, these codes make it easy for you and you can achieve what you need before by leaving others behind you.

Germ Simulator Codes

Be sure to check back often because we will be updating this post every time there is more new code!

Germ Simulator Codes 2020

There are already several active codes and they will be there soon, see what you can get for free:

  • PETS – You received +750 coins
  • TOFUUBOSS – You received +1K youtube
  • UPDATE – You received +500 coins
  • RELEASE – You received +500 coins

We will always update all code lists, so come back soon to get more codes and free gifts to claim.

How to Redeem Codes in Germ Simulator

  1. Find the “Code” button on the right side of your screen and click on this button.
  2. The screen will open.
  3. Type the code from the top into the blank area. (You can copy paste this code)
  4. Press the “Claim” button to use the code.
Germ Simulator Codes

Description game Germ Simulator


  • Find new EGGS and get new PETS in different areas!!!

Pet develops / removes Bug Fixes


Get ready to fight the plague and stop the spread of deadly germs!

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Game is on ALPHA. Enjoy the game? Leave it like! This helped us a lot

  1. Eliminate deadly germs!
  2. Upgrade facial masks to become stronger in the fight against germs
  3. Selling germs for coins
  4. Become the most powerful DESTROYER GERM on Roblox!

That was an article about Germ Simulator Codes 2020. I hope the Roblox Germ Simulator Code can help you. Feel free to contribute topics. If you also have comments or suggestions, write them in the comments column and we will help you. Thanks for visiting.

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