Guesty Codes 2020 (May 2020)

In this post, I will show you about Roblox Guesty Codes 2020. Guesty Codes can give Coins and knife. When other players try to produce coins and Knife during a match, these codes make it easy for you and you can achieve what you need before by leaving others behind you.

Guesty Codes

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Guesty Codes 2020

  • JIXXIO – You got 200 coins
  • CRIMSONFORCE – You got 200 coins
  • DRDARKMATTER – You got 200 coins
  • FANCYSMASH – You got 100 coins
  • GUESTY – You got 100 coins
  • NOOBY – You got the noob knife

The code above has been updated. If there is a new code then we will update immediately.

If you have redeemed another code (not included in the list), we will be very grateful if you leave a comment on us with the code.

How to Redeem Codes on Guesty

Open the shop (find the button on the left side of the screen), enter the code directly below the game pass section, and click on the green icon to make up for it.

Guesty Codes

Description game Guesty [ALPHA]


Chapter 2 coming soon !!! Leave like 🙂

Game is still in alpha version, expect some bugs!

Join NK Studio to get rare weapon skins that can be traded for free!


  • Left click (PC), tap (cellular), right trigger (controller) to open the door and retrieve / interact with objects.
  • Ctrl / shift (PC), tap button (cellphone), button B (controller) to crouch / place a trap.
  • E (PC), tap the (mobile) button, Button A (controller) to use the camera.

All music and sound effects in this game are licensed to NK Studio or royalty free and can be used in monetized content.

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Inspired by Piggy and Murder Mystery 2. Also check out these cool games!

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